PTC Reimbursement Form 2021-22


Complete the form below if you have made a purchase with your own money and would like a reimbursement from the PTC. After submitting the form, you will receive an email confirmation of your request.

A receipt is required for reimbursement. You can either upload it at the bottom of this form or print your confirmation email, staple your receipts to it, and submit to the PTC Treasurer via the PTC mailbox at the reception desk with Kim Houston.

First Name
Last Name
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PTC Executive Board 2021-22

Merritt DeWitt 
President Elect:
Ericka Thacker 
Elana Tennenbaum
Retail/Fundraising Strategist:
Tamar Jacoby
Chair of Community Engagement:
Deena Goldstein 
Marketing & Communications Officer:
Karen Raviv 
Leslie Alter 
Katie Schaffer
Pilot Advisory Role:
Allyson Becker