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So you want to post some files to the website!

Posting files to the website involves three steps:
First - Decide if your files will be Public or Private. Private files usually contain confidential material and are placed on Portal Pages to be accessed by specific people. The majority of the files on our website are Public.
Second - create a Resource Folder to store the documents. This folder will contain ALL the files that you want to display on the website.
Third - Create Galleries that contains specific files from your Resource Folder that you want to display. Multiple Galleries can be created to access the files from one Resource Folder.

Access the Resource Folder by clicking on the File Folder icon in the far left navigation bar. 

Some helpful articles from the Finalsite Knowledgebase:
Private Files and Galleries
Link to the Resources Tab
Some notes from the Finalsite Knowledgebase 
Private resources are visible only to the user who uploaded them. Because links to private resources don't work, there is no provision to replace the source file for private resources.
Private resources must be placed into a private gallery with custom permission settings before they can be shared. See Private Files and Galleries for more details.


There are no resources to display