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Created in 2017 to help develop a culture of giving and philanthropy among Bernard Zell’s Alumni community, the Bernard Zell Eagle Society consists of graduates who make a five-year pledge to the school’s Annual Campaign. While every graduate is invited to make this pledge - or standalone gift - at any time, the inaugural members of the society will primarily be members of the Class of 2018. All members of the Bernard Zell Eagle Society will receive a Bernard Zell baseball cap upon submission of their pledge. ​
Just like Bernard Zell aims to cultivate an inclusive community free of any barriers to participation for our enrolled students and families, recognition in the Eagle Society is based on participation, not dollars donated. Alumni are encouraged to support Bernard Zell with a pledge that is both comfortable and meaningful for that student and family. Please note that in order to join the Eagle Society, you should select the 5-year option when indicating 'pledge duration' on the form below. If you would prefer to just make a one-time gift today, please click here.
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Please be sure to select the 5 year 'pledge duration' option.