Alumni Spotlight: Eliza Lampert '20
  • Alumni
At Bernard Zell, we believe in empowering our students with curiosity, compassion and courage shaped by Jewish values. Our students talk about about courage—the courage to take a risk, to see another’s point of view, to speak up for yourself—and for others. Alumna Eliza Lampert ’20 continues to exemplify all of the above and beyond with her budding career as a journalist at The Latin School of Chicago.
Entering her junior year this fall as Editor-in-Chief for the school newspaper, Eliza writes about topics ranging from the impact of COVID restrictions, gender-neutral rights and spaces, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, credit inequality between artists and athletes, Roe v. Wade and everything in between. She has won 4 Best of SNO awards, an Honorable Mention in live News Writing at the Journalism Education Association and National Student Press Association and 2 Latin Forum Prizes for Best News Commentary and Best News or Feature Story focused on Latin School.
Kol ha’kavod, Eliza—we can't wait to read what's next! Click here to read Eliza's latest articles for The Forum.

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