We continuously seek and engage in cutting-edge thinking and best practices in education to keep Bernard Zell relevant and inspired.

If we are committed to shaping the next generations of global citizens and Jewish leaders, we need to aim high securing extraordinary educational talent who will inspire our students and elevate our reputation on a national level. 
We know that transformational education requires transformational leadership. We need a strong commitment to developing and retaining the individuals who will lead our school forward. We need to embody the courage we demand of others. Only then can we develop the leadership capacity of our students.


1. Embark on the immediate strategy to recruit and retain an outstanding Head of School through a process that engages all stakeholders including parents, faculty, alumni and students. 
2. Develop a robust, forward-thinking faculty recruitment and retention process to ensure we deliver an exemplary education.  
3. Ensure the Board and Administration have the talent, processes and structures that support the delivery of the school's educational philosophy.
4. Strengthen opportunities for student leaders to grow and thrive.
5. Increase engagement opportunities in order to cultivate a diverse range of parent leadership options. 



Bernard Zell is earning nationwide recognition for its award-winning faculty, student leadership development program and the vision of its Board.

"Just like our new building needs a strong foundation, we are creating the foundation of intellectual, social and emotional learning so our students can reach new heights. We are building their confidence to take the next step as learners. We are intentional about supporting each student's and family's Jewish journey. It is a responsibility we take seriously as we nurture our youngest children."

- Abby Aloni, Head of Early Childhood