Our classrooms are complex, challenging and exciting. just like the real world. 

Inspired by the bold, dynamic vision of students, teachers and leadership - our new facility will catapult Bernard Zell into the future.
New learning spaces will create an exhilarating challenge of academic study and cultural immersion that changes the game for school. There will be spaces where students can discover creative, relevant and far-reaching ways of learning. There will be quieter spaces where students and teachers can gather for thoughtful conversations about the world and the responsibility we share of making the world a better place, both as a citizen and Jewish learner and leader. Enhancements to the existing building are included in our future plans.
Our new campus will open the doors to our ambition as we create a model of educational excellence, innovative learning and inspired Jewish studies. In time, we believe we will achieve our promise of taking our place as one of the finest independent schools in the nation.


1. Realize our vision to transform the campus of Bernard Zell with an educational facility that fulfills the vision of our faculty.
2. Develop and implement a master site plan to update and enhance existing classrooms and learning spaces, incorporating cycles of repair, replacement and renewal. 
3. Create a strategy to deliver on the common classroom, leveraging appropriate technology and facility maintenance.
4. Create a forward-thinking safety and security plan for the current and new building, including the surrounding grounds.
5. Engage professional resources and volunteer expertise with the goal of continuously enhancing our facilities and ensuring our commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Learn more about our new campus opening Fall 2019 & Beginnings: The Campaign to Transform Bernard Zell.


Bernard Zell's award-winning new campus redefines the school's educational environment and offers faculty and students dynamic new spaces for imagination, innovation and exploration.

"The new building will allow us to transform our traditional P.E. program into a kinetic wellness program that will work on body, mind and spirit. We'll be introducing best practices in physical education. We'll look at how to stay balanced whether you win or lose. Our goal is to create lifelong learners and believers in a healthy lifestyle." 

- Kyle Sheahan, Director of Athletics and Physical Education