We challenge ourselves to embrace the disruptive energy of change and harness it to empower our future.

Bernard Zell continues to be one of the leading educational forces in Chicago because of our enduring commitment to developing Jewish leaders for the future, strengthening our financial foundation, and inspiring passion and generosity throughout our community.
Our school must continue to determine the right balance of resources: human, financial, technical, and, of course, our educational facility. And we must continue to support a financial model that is driven by dual priorities: optimal student outcomes and financial aid for students from all backgrounds.
On the horizon is our new building - a promise of the exciting future ahead for our school.


1. Ensure a multi-year, sustainable financial plan supporting the delivery of the educational vision.
2. Determine the optimal fundraising strategy to ensure financial resources are readily available to support the strategic priorities and ongoing operations of the school.
3. Develop and sustain a culture of philanthropy within the school that fosters engagement with constituents.
4. Leverage the award-winning branding and marketing campaign to continue to raise the profile of the school and increase enrollment.
5. Create a best-in-class applicant recruiting and retention strategy that leverages the correct internal and external support structures, cutting-edge technology and deep data analysis all driven by national benchmarks.
6. Strengthen the Tuition Assistance program to ensure current and future families receive the financial support they need to send their children to Bernard Zell. 

Learn more about Beginnings: the Campaign to Transform Bernard Zell and our new campus opening Fall 2019 


Bernard Zell's strong financial position allows the school to continue to invest in the school's programs and campus while extending more support to new families who wish to attend.

"When it comes to the future of education and the future of Jewish day school education, I probably have more questions than answers. How do we teach students for careers that have yet to be invented? How do we strengthen a student's sense of Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish community without making them feel like the 'other'? How does this all fit together? That's what makes this all so exciting."

- Dr. Jeff Ellison, Middle School Faculty