At a time when the world is so dramatically unpredictable, how do we prepare our students for the future? As a community, we lean into our history, our humanity and our strength as a Jewish community. 
When you become a citizen of the Bernard Zell community, you learn to become a better citizen of the world. For decades, Bernard Zell has shaped generations who understand the measure of their success will be if and how they make the world a better place.


1. Articulate Bernard Zell's core values and use them to inspire everything we do.  
2. Redesign family experiences and school programs to reflect Bernard Zell's values. 
3. Design a robust strategy for year-round engagement of the entire community - students, parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni and beyond.
4. Create a comprehensive, multi-channel strategic communication plan that connects to all constituents.
5. Showcase Bernard Zell's exceptional commitment to the local community and greater world.  



Inspired by the richness of our Jewish wisdom and values, Bernard Zell students and families are known throughout the community for their empathy, generosity of spirit and deep commitment to humanity. Our community offers different expressions and experiences of Judaism and Jewish life. Students and parents draw strenghth and joy from their community and are empowered to make the world a better place.

"Bernard Zell's exploration of Judaism is an exploration of who we are. As teachers, we draw from our past and our rich history of traditions and then create engaging ways to make it relevant for today. We use experiential learning to help students explore the joy and meaning of Judaism. We invite parents to share their Jewish stories to make our community richer for everyone. When our students leave Bernard Zell, we want them to always feel this is their home. And when they move on in the world, we hope they can create this sense of community wherever they go."

- Hagit Lewis, Jewish Vision Leader