Why choose a BERNARD ZELL jewisH education?

An education at Bernard Zell is one that integrates critical and creative thinking, independent learning, and a thorough knowledge of Jewish practices, beliefs, and values.

Throughout the entire school, the study of Judaism – history, language and culture – is seamlessly woven into the day. With every step children take throughout their education, students at a Jewish preschool come to recognize essential Mitzvot, the guidelines that shape a Jewish life. They learn to take care of the earth, honor their parents, observe Shabbat (the Sabbath), and maintain an honest and just community.
Starting in our early childhood program, teachers draw on student’s natural curiosity to be a compass for learning. Teachers “follow the child” as they celebrate Jewish holidays, learn their first Hebrew words through games and songs and feel the quiet warmth of helping a new friend.
They are introduced to spoken Hebrew in a natural, organic way. Through games and songs, teachers pave the foundation for daily Hebrew classes in later years. They build a positive identity through the threading of Jewish values, lessons and spoken word. These include the ideas of Gemilut Chasadim (acts of kindness) and Kavod (respect and appreciation for others and gratitude for what we have).
Classrooms create an exhilarating challenge of academic study and cultural immersion that changes the game for elementary school. 5,000 year-old traditions intersect with tomorrow’s technology to create extraordinary opportunities for learning. By the time students reach Middle School, the depth of service learning creates hands-on, all-in experiences. At this intersection of learning and life, students create their own Jewish identities.
The respectful and diverse exploration of Jewish studies is not just for students. This is a journey for the entire family. It allows all families—however they define their Judaism—to feel the unmistakable welcome of an extraordinary Jewish community.
It’s these daily experiences, the shared journey of parenting, and the profound commitment to children, education and Jewish values that connects our families, creates lifelong friendships and helps define the spirit of a Jewish day school.

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