Tuition Assistance

Welcoming people from all backgrounds is central to the Bernard Zell community, and that includes accommodating families of all economic capacities.
The school's need-based tuition assistance program, available to families with students in nursery through eighth grade, enables the school to enroll students who might not otherwise have access to an independent and Jewish education.
A Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School education is now accessible to more families than ever thanks to a significant pledge our school received from the Zell Family Foundation. This generous gift established the Zell Family Fund for Jewish Education in order to help Jewish families in Chicago who are committed to providing their children with an outstanding education shaped by Jewish values regardless of economic circumstance. 
A neutral third-party organization, Blackbaud Financial Aid Management, assists the school's tuition assistance award process by providing recommendations regarding a family's need. Smart analyzes families' applications and establishes a base that enables the school to measure each family's need equitably. Assistance is given based on the availability of funds.
The grid below is designed to provide families with a general idea of qualification levels for tuition assistance based solely on household income. Actual tuition assistance awards are based on income, assets and resources. Since each family's situation is unique, the Committee gives careful attention to each family application individually.
 Tuition Assistance Grid*
                                            Number of Children**
 Family Income  1  2  3  4  5
 $0-$100K  Highly Likely   Highly Likely   Highly Likely   Highly Likely   Highly Likely 
 $101-$200K  Likely   Likely   Highly Likely   Highly Likely   Highly Likely 
 $201-$275K  Possible  Likely  Likely  Highly Likely   Highly Likely 
 $275-$325K  Possible  Possible  Likely  Likely  Highly Likely 
 $326-$400K  Unlikely   Possible  Possible  Likely  Likely
*For general reference only 
**Total number of full-time students under the age of 26, including those not attending Bernard Zell
The tuition assistance application process is a separate and independent part of the application for admission. An application for tuition assistance does not influence the decision to admit a student to the school.