We know making a school decision is important—these Bernard Zell parents are here to help!

When parents and caregivers connect and learn from others in small, confidential groups they feel less alone, knowing that there are other parents who have been through the process of choosing the best education for their children.
With our Ask Me program, participants can share comfortably and discover new strategies and different perspectives. We hope participants will find a network of parents to talk with during and beyond the admissions process.
Ask me: Tali and Graham
Ask Tali & Graham
Tali and Graham's family is interfaith and they are all thriving in the Bernard Zell community.
Ask Me: Genna and Greg
Ask Genna & Greg
A Bernard Zell alumna herself, Genna's children are following in her footsteps—from generation to generation.
Ask Me: Sara and Joseph
Ask Sara & Joseph
Sara and Joseph were looking for a school with a high quality Jewish education and fell in love with Bernard Zell.
Ask Me: Diana and Adam
Ask Diana & Adam
Diana and Adam toured many independent schools and fell in love with Bernard Zell.
Ask Me: Jennifer and Shawn
Ask Jennifer & Shawn
Jennifer and Shawn moved to a neighborhood with the intention of sending their children to public school, and then chose Bernard Zell.
Ask Me: Rebecca and Greg
Ask Rebecca & Greg
Rebecca and Greg's children attended Bernard Zell from Early Childhood through 8th Grade. Their youngest is a current 8th Grader, and their older children have successfully matriculated to high school.
Ask Me: Naomi and Daniel
Ask Naomi & Daniel
Naomi and Daniel moved with their family to Chicago and found a second home at Bernard Zell for their daughters.
Ask Me: Ask Tali
Ask Tali & Avi
Tali and Avi moved to Chicago from Israel and found a second home for their family at Bernard Zell.


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