We know making a school decision is important. Sometimes you just want to connect with parents who were recently in your shoes.

These Bernard Zell parents are here for you!

Ask me: Tali and Graham

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Tali and Graham

Tali and Graham's family is interfaith and they are all thriving in the Bernard Zell community.
Ask Me: Genna and Greg

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Genna and Greg

Bernard Zell alumnus, Genna's children are following in her footsteps, and are having a meaningful experience. 
Ask Me: Tamima and Jacob

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Tamima and Jacob

Tamima and Jacob were looking for a school with a high quality Jewish education and fell in love with Bernard Zell.


Ask Me: Diana and Adam

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Diana and Adam

Diana and Adam toured many independent schools and fell in love with Bernard Zell.
Ask Me: Jennifer and Shawn

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Jennifer and Shawn

Jennifer and Shawn moved to a neighborhood with the intention of sending their children to public school, and then chose Bernard Zell.
Ask Me: Rebecca and Greg

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Rebecca and Greg

Rebecca and Greg's children attended Bernard Zell from Early Childhood through 8th Grade. Their youngest is a current 7th Grader, and their older children have successfully matriculated to high school.
Ask Me: Naomi and Daniel

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Naomi and Daniel

Naomi and Daniel moved with their family to Chicago and found a second home at Bernard Zell for their daughters.
Ask Me: Ask Tali

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Tali and Avi

Tali and Avi moved to Chicago from Israel and found a second home for their family at Bernard Zell.