We’re about making connections at Bernard Zell, and technology is a valuable tool to help us do just that: diving deeper into new ideas, sharing insights with other schools and even other countries. We’re proud to help students learn and explore with technology, supporting our mission of educating the whole child. We use various means of technology to augment the classroom experience, provide individualized instruction, and give students more avenues to express their knowledge and creativity. Our teachers use an integration model, working with instructional technology specialists to use technology as a tool to build and expand the curriculum. 
In Early Childhood, students begin to use age-appropriate technology and are encouraged to explore, wonder, and ask questions. Students use a variety of apps and educational technology to learn the basic building blocks of coding, robotics, and the general use of technology. 
In Lower School, our students have a 1:2 technology program that gives students access to a wide variety of technology platforms. Students use online instruction to increase reading comprehension in both English and Hebrew, while teachers use technology to tailor learning and activities to individual students. 
Our Middle School implements a 1:1 technology program where each student uses a Chromebooks. These Chromebooks are used throughout all Middle School classes and give students a valuable tool for facilitating productivity and collaboration. 
As part of our Computer Science program, students of all ages learn how to become active digital citizens. We teach our students how to safely and responsibly navigate the use of technology and the internet. We also encourage our students to think outside of the box when it comes to collaboration. Our students connect with classrooms in other schools and other countries, communicate with experts and other peers.