Shared Teacher Resources

Shared Teacher Resources

Educators at Bernard Zell are part of a teaching community that is dedicated to our students and committed to improving education. We are proud to share curriculum that has been crafted, developed, implemented and refined at Bernard Zell as a resource for teachers around the world. We believe that true innovation occurs through the free and open sharing of ideas. We are enthusiastic supporters of this ideal and work to create long-lasting collaborations with our colleagues.

Science Resources

At Bernard Zell science is doing. Students learn through experience and participation in scientific practices, concepts, and core ideas and with a direct connection to the scientific community. Students’ wonder and curiosity are harnessed and amplified through embodied and experiential problem-based challenges where failure, logic, critical thinking and reflection are valued. Teachers shape learning environments, guide the development of reasoning, and help students learn to analyze and synthesize their practices, concepts, and ideas.

National Science Teacher Association Conferences - Nashville 2016

Below is a list of presentations and accompanied resources that the Bernard Zell Science Department presented at the NSTA 2016 National Conference.

CSI: Chemistry - Design engaging murder mysteries and other cases for your classroom while covering NGSS Practices and Disciplinary Core Ideas.

From the Gooey to the Digital: Multimodal Learning with Light and the Eye - Utilizing multimodal learning engenders deeper understanding of complex concepts. Combine optics, dissection, and digital gaming to reach mastery of light and the eye.