Third Grade Friday Announcements 2021-22

Mr. Casper's new 5-20
Benje Casper

This week we explored improper fractions and mixed numbers.

 For example:

14/3=  4  ⅔

5/3= 1 ⅔ 

The class enjoyed looking at recipes and figuring out how to half and double the ingredients. 

Over the weekend, have your child find a recipe and measure the ingredients as you bake or cook. You can take it one step further by either doubling or halving the recipe. 

We also learned about the metric and imperial system. 

1000ml=1 liter 

16 cups=1 gallon

4=quarts= 1 gallon 

2 cups=1 pint 

2 pints=1 quart 

Ask your child to sing the gallon song they made up.




The class finally finished their Fairy tale adaptations. WAY TO GO EVERYONE! Each student worked so hard brainstorming and editing! Ask your child to read their fairytales to you over the weekend. 




This week in Hebrew/JS

Out past few weeks were busy and exciting with celebrating Israel's Birthday, having a fun time with our shinshin-Nitzan, and learning about holidays that are coming soon.

Yesterday we marked the calendar for LAG BA'OMER, or day 33 in counting Omer(from the 2nd day of the Passover to Shavuot) 

Next week we will be having a water game day that our shinshinim are organizing. More information to follow. 

Shabbat shalom, 

Morah Diana


Social emotional development is something we really build on throughout the school year. Every June, my students leave my classroom with newfound independence, confidence and strengthened relationships.

- Bene Lederer, 1st Grade Teacher