Third Grade Friday Announcements 2021-22

Benje Casper
This week the students explored finding the difference between using numbers using multiple strategies. They included an open number line, the standard algorithm and decomposing. 
Example of decomposing: 543-216


Do you know what an onomatopoeia is? BAM! Well, now you do. Students add onomatopoeias to their small moment stories this week. Ask your child which sound effects they added. 
The Week in "Stone Fox" we found out why grandpa does not want to live anymore. Ask your child how little Willy plans to save his grandfather and their farm. 
We are moving forward with our Hebrew program and our theme in Hebrew classes is "friends at school". We read a story about new students in class and through reading we learn and review everyday Hebrew vocabulary. 
All students have access to the quizlet that is posted on Google Class. I also posted individualized quizlets for each student to practice their Hebrew reading skills. It would be great to use a few minutes. at home to review the reading skills. 
This week we had our Shinshin, Nitzan, join us during the morning meeting. She taught us a greeting game centered around Boker-Tov (good morning). We are looking forward to having some fun with Nitzan and learning from her in our Hebrew classes!
Shabbat Shalom, 
Morah Diana


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Social emotional development is something we really build on throughout the school year. Every June, my students leave my classroom with newfound independence, confidence and strengthened relationships.

- Bene Lederer, 1st Grade Teacher