One of the best things you can do for your child this summer is encourage them to read. Just as we want our children to take full advantage of being outside to use their bodies, we also want them to exercise their “reading muscles” to reinforce their progress from this school year. We find that when children participate in our annual summer reading program, they come back to school in the fall ready to learn.
Summer reading is fun and easy and online! Scroll below to find everything you need to know about the Summer Reading at Bernard Zell program for students entering first through eighth grades. Every student who completes their summer reading will also receive a fun reward when school resumes in the fall.

Lower School Summer Reading 2022

Middle School Summer Reading 2022

All students entering Middle School are required to select and read according to their grade they'll be entering for the 2022-23 academic school year. Complete/submit the log online, or download a print reading log. Printed forms should be returned to the student's advisor in the fall. Teachers will build upon summer reading during the first few weeks of class to establish routines for discussion, book clubs, etc. Books read for the Bernard Zell Summer Reading Program can be used for the Chicago Public Library Summer Reading Program too.

Bernard Zell Library Policies and Procedures
All students, staff, and parents in the Bernard Zell community have library privileges. There are no overdue fines. However, the prompt return of borrowed material is requested. Lost materials will result in charges to cover the cost of replacement.
The following library policies and procedures are designed to meet the needs of students, faculty, parents and community members at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School. The library provides materials and resources that are consistent with the mission, vision, curriculum and philosophy of Bernard Zell. The library aims to provide print and non-print materials that promote high academic achievement as well as a lifelong love of reading and learning.  The Bernard Zell Library shares the goals of the American Library Association and incorporates them into short-term and long-term planning. The library looks to ALA to provide support and professional resources. The Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School library appreciates the ALA Freedom to Read Program.