High School Counseling at Bernard Zell

As a school with a long track record of successfully placing graduates in Chicago's most sought-after high schools, Bernard Zell deeply values the transition graduates make when moving to 9th grade. Leaving a school that has been home for 10 years not only carries the opportunity for students to experience more diverse learning communities, but also to navigate a new environment by confidently leaning on the self-advocacy, leadership, and community-building skills they developed at Bernard Zell.
Bernard Zell's High School Counseling program formally begins in the fall of 7th grade. Parents and students are introduced to the high school landscape through individual family intake meetings that help set the stage for applications to CPS and independent schools throughout the Chicagoland area.
The High School Counseling team reconvenes with students and families at the start of 8th grade to continue to develop a personalized plan for the admissions process. From September through early November, students and parents have the opportunity to hear from 10-15 different area high schools during exclusive information sessions. Bernard Zell's alumni and parents of alumni also serve as valuable resources in this process, eager to share their advice and experiences of applying and transitioning to high school.
The mission of the High School Counseling office is rooted in a holistic ethos; to support students and families from a perspective that values the intellectual, social, and emotional development of graduating students and to help them transition into a high school that is the best fit based on their abilities and interests.
"From my observations, Bernard Zell students are exceptionally well prepared for success in high school. They have the strong work ethic and personal integrity to effectively manage the challenges that often accompany the academic experience in a high performing high school."

CPS Selective Enrollment High School Principal