Early Childhood Program - Nursery, Junior Kindergarten & Senior Kindergarten

The Bernard Zell Early Childhood program lays the foundation for lifelong learning in a nurturing, play-based environment. All of us begin our lives learning through play, from babies modeling our parents’ gestures to kids exploring our world through fun, safe activities like “playing house.” Through play, children practice problem solving and develop their creativity. We make the most of this natural inclination toward play to build a strong educational foundation.
Our developmentally appropriate, play-based learning program spans language and cognitive ability, as well as the social, emotional, physical and spiritual. Teachers are also listeners, observers, and questioners—guiding children while they explore their interests and thinking. Every year, each teacher establishes a vision of what will be accomplished, and they regularly communicate with parents as they work together to support each child’s development.
Judaism is a fundamental part of Early Childhood learning, as it is for all Bernard Zell classes. We help children build a positive identity by threading Jewish values, lessons and spoken word throughout all class subjects. These include the ideas of Gemilut Chasadim (Acts of Kindness) and Kavod (respect and appreciation for others and gratitude for what we have), celebrating “Birthday Mitzvahs,” and materials available for dramatic play that can also be found in a Jewish home.
The entirety of Early Childhood education takes place in a homey, nurturing environment with an emphasis on natural materials, a sense of tranquility and calm, and the ongoing involvement of the family of every child.
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