Our classrooms are complex, challenging, and exciting. Just like the real world.

An education at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School is one that integrates critical and creative thinking, independent learning, and a thorough knowledge and embrace of Jewish practices, beliefs, and values. From play-based Early Childhood learning, to the fundamentals and self-discovery of the Lower School, to the social, emotional and academic growth of Middle School, each year’s curriculum at Bernard Zell builds on the previous year’s learning, allowing students an opportunity to grow in their education and to apply what they learn in their everyday lives.
With innovative teaching methods and an unrivaled student to teacher ratio of 6:1—the lowest in the city of Chicago—Bernard Zell is a fertile environment for both learning and fellowship, with many opportunities for enrichment and enjoyment inside and outside of the classroom. One of the newest is M’Kom Drisha, a state-of-the-art laboratory space where students can investigate, collaborate, and problem solve using technology and hands-on science investigation.
From sixth through eighth grade at Bernard Zell, students take one course that is ungraded, encouraging a free exploration of ideas. Whether the course focuses on physical education or delves into world issues, students begin to develop their interests, passions, and sense of self.
At its core, a Bernard Zell education is centered on the child. Dedicated educators partner with Jewish families with the common goal of raising children to be their best selves. We strive to cultivate curiosity, creativity, character, citizenship, responsibility and empathy. Our graduates are exceedingly well prepared for high school and life beyond, while always possessing the sense of wonder that makes each future not merely successful, but joyful.

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Before your graduate spins on stage in Nursery as a dreidel during the annual Hanukkah Music Festival, before they proudly read from the Torah for families and friends, before they embark on a life-changing Tiyul experience in Israel and before they pose for the traditional graduating class photo on the Synagogue steps—your child will acquire the education and skill set that will help them grow into future leaders of the Jewish community.
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