Mission and Vision

Bernard Zell is an independent Jewish Day School for the 21st century where academic purpose, collaborative learning and a deep commitment to humanity develop engaged, confident learners and compassionate leaders for a stronger, more vibrant community and world.


To teach them diligently - ושננתם לבניך

The words of our mission statement come from the Torah. These words emphasize that teaching and learning are at the heart of every Jewish community and reflect our enduring commitment to education.


To teach the whole child to fully develop his or her intellectual, personal and spiritual potential.

To provide an innovative and challenging general studies curriculum that emphasizes core academic subjects, athletics and the arts.

To cultivate in our students a positive Jewish identity, understanding of Torah and respect for the pluralism of Jewish life.

To educate each student about the principles of American citizenship and to model Jewish values.

To strengthen the connection between our school community and Jews in Israel, America and throughout the world.

To maintain a diverse faculty committed to educational leadership and professional development.

To forge a partnership with parents based upon mutual respect.

To create a flexible and dynamic learning community.

To accommodate families of all economic backgrounds.

To inspire each student to become a lifelong learner.