Welcome from Gary Weisserman

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School!

For generations, Bernard Zell has proudly developed the hearts and minds of Chicagoland’s children. And now, as we enter a new chapter of this institution’s storied existence (complete with a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility), we continue to serve as a model for the way independent schools work, offering a cutting edge general studies education that is profoundly shaped by Jewish values, tradition and practice.

Here at Bernard Zell, we wholeheartedly believe in teaching the whole child, in encouraging curiosity and excellence and in cultivating educational innovation. Each day, we set out to provide not only the best Jewish education, but the best education—full stop. And each day, we set out to ensure that Bernard Zell is a place where teaching and learning are so incredibly robust that educators come from around the world to learn how to "do" school the "right" way: in a joyful manner that treats each young person as a unique and distinct individual, b'tzelem elohim, capable of achieving great things.

I continue to marvel at what a joy is is to lead a school that is so much more than an institution. Bernard Zell is a place that treasures young people for who they are, while cultivating the remarkable adults they will soon become; a place where scholarship and action meet to foster a style of learning that is exciting, relevant and compassionate; a place where the traditional values of our people shape a progressive vision of a very modern world; and a place that is—as so many students, parents and faculty consistently remind me—their Jewish home, and the very center of their community.  

Gary Weisserman
Head of School