We teach our students to embrace the awesome wonder of life—and run with it! 

Bernard Zell fosters an environment steeped in Jewish values and culture where curiosity, active engagement, and academic achievement thrive and serve as the cornerstones of our shared journey. From Early Childhood through Middle School, we inspire our students to love learning through innovative teaching, hands-on exploration and discovery. Plus the individualized attention your children will receive is unrivaled. Rigorous general studies and comprehensive Jewish learning are always wrapped in the warmth and values of our unique Jewish community. Our mission is to engage students in a program of rigorous studies through a variety of classroom and real world learning opportunities, to educate students to be active and informed citizens in our pluralistic community, to inspire them to develop Jewish literacy, and to guide them as they embrace their chosen Jewish practice and beliefs.

Why a Bernard Zell Jewish Education? 

Bernard Zell offers a rich educational experience steeped in Jewish values, history, and culture, preparing students for success in their chosen high schools. Our pluralistic, inclusive community focuses on personalized attention and meaningful connections, ensuring that every student feels valued and secure. We prioritize academic excellence and character development, instilling values of compassion, integrity, and responsibility, thereby empowering students to become ethical individuals who positively impact their communities.

MISSION Statement

To teach them diligently - ושננתם לבניך

The words of our mission statement come from the Torah. These words emphasize that teaching and learning are at the heart of every Jewish community and reflect our enduring commitment to education.


To teach the whole child to fully develop his or her intellectual, personal and spiritual potential.
To provide an innovative and challenging general studies curriculum that emphasizes core academic subjects, athletics and the arts.
To cultivate in our students a positive Jewish identity, understanding of Torah and respect for the pluralism of Jewish life.
To educate each student about the principles of American citizenship and to model Jewish values.
To strengthen the connection between our school community and Jews in Israel, America and throughout the world.
To maintain a diverse faculty committed to educational leadership and professional development.
To forge a partnership with parents based upon mutual respect.
To create a flexible and dynamic learning community.
To accommodate families of all economic backgrounds.
To inspire each student to become a lifelong learner.


Head of School: Gary Weisserman
Grades Served: 3 years old through Eighth
Number of Students: 390

Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School has been fully accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools and the Independent Schools Association of the Central States since 1961. The school also is a member of PRIZMAH: The Network for Jewish Day Schools.
Bernard Zell features a multidisciplinary, layered curriculum of general studies and Jewish studies that builds on each previous year’s learning, and an approach that cultivates confidence, creativity, leadership and empathy. Our graduates possess a strong foundation, an intrinsic curiosity for continued learning and are exceedingly well-prepared for high school and life beyond.